The enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) is a popular analytical tool for detecting and quantifying the presence of proteins or small molecules.

BioVision offers accurate, fully validated, ready-to-use METABOLISM ELISA kits for convenient and sensitive quantification of a wide range of targets in various sample types. reagents. Our strict manufacturing and quality control standards allow us to offer the highest levels of performance and consistency with every ELISA kit you run.

Key Features:

  • Accurate: reproducible results with low intra- and interassay variability
  • High sensitivity and specificity, low background
  • Versatile – Wide range of sample types such as serum, plasma, tissue, cell culture supernatant, urine, and many other biological fluids.
  • Convenient – no special handling or disposal required۔

Carbohydrates serve as energy sources and as structural elements in cells and are essential for various metabolic processes. Carbohydrate metabolism plays an important role in many diseases such as diabetes, obesity, and galactosemia. Therefore, sensitive carbohydrate detection is important for metabolic studies.

A wide variety of colorimetric or fluorometric test kits are available to measure various carbohydrates, including monosaccharides (glucose, galactose, fructose), disaccharides (sucrose, maltose, lactose), and polysaccharides (starch, glycogen).

Additionally, insulin and glucagon-sensitive ELISA kits are offered.

STELLUX chemiluminescent ELISA kits are highly sensitive and accurate wide-range assays designed for superior performance with small sample volumes.

We offer a wide variety of assays, proteins, and antibodies to facilitate your research in various areas of metabolism, including lipid metabolism, amino acid metabolism, and carbohydrate metabolism. Our kidney function tests can help you evaluate kidney function and disease.

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